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Save an extra 20% on all our apparels | Promo Code: 20MORE

Zipp Service Course Handlebar Tape - Choice of Colors

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Color: Black

New Zipp Service Course Handlebar Tape available in Black, White or Red.   

Zipp makes handlebar tape for it's sponsored pro cyclists, and the Service Course Handlebar Tape best suits the needs of many of their riders. Most pro cyclists opt for handlebar tape that has moderate padding, except for the long days on the cobbles. One would think thicker tape would be better all the time, but pro's are used to spending long, hard days in the saddle, and most are very sensitive to the tactile relationship between their hands and controls. This is why many pro level cycling gloves are thin or have limited padding. Grip, especially when the tape is wet from rain, road spray, or perspiration is far more important. Comfort matters, and the tape needs to be able to diminish road vibration and impact, but not at the expense of the tactile relationship.

The material for the Service Course Handlebar Tape is a porous vinyl that feels more like rubber, but is far more durable and doesn't get slippery when wet. A thin layer of high density foam padding integrated wiih the vinyl provides excellent damping, but little loft. The stretch is pretty much perfect, ensuring that a tight wrap will provide overlap transitions that give texture but not rough edge transitions. These are essential qualities when you spend your days gripping the bars and hoods. Some pro's are the "fresh tape every day" types, but many prefer to break it in, give it some wear. This tape can handle that, and is also washable, which makes mechanics and sponsors happy. Embossed with the Service Course logo, this Zipp shows well, and has a great feel. If you prefer a thicker, spongier tape with even more grip there is a CX version designed for cross riders.

Weight is always a factor (it all adds up), and at just 68 grams for the set, Zipp has that covered. You get two standard rolls of adhesive backed tape, two "Z" bar-end plugs, and the assurance that the tape you are buying is the same that Zipp's pro cyclists prefer. Most cyclists have a preferred handlebar tape option, but if you don't try the Service Course Handlebar Tape you are selling yourself short.


  • Zipp's pro level, moderately padded, relatively thin, handlebar tape
  • Porous vinyl material that grips, stretches, lays flat, and sheds moisture
  • Thin layer of dense foam padding provides vibration damping and comfort
  • Wrap lays flat when stretched for smooth transitions
  • Durable, even under constant use, and is washable
  • Embossed with the Service Course logo
  • Backing has adhesive tape for firm hold and easier installation
  • 2 rolls of tape, 2 shifter mount strips, plus 2 Zipp "Z" endcaps
  • Colors: White, Black, Red
  • Weight: 68 grams

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