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Zipp Service Course SL Aluminum Stem 17/73 degrees - 80mm

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New Zipp Service Course SL Road Bike Aluminum Stem 17/73 degrees - 80mm.

The Zipp Service Course SL Stem is the preferred choice of pro teams. It's very light, very durable, very reliable, and easy to work on.
The body of the stem is essentially the same as the Service Course Stem, a 7075 aluminum 3D-forged tube. It is completed with a high-gloss finish, gets a cut-out base plate, and titanium Torx bolts to lighten the load to 120g for the 100mm length.
Zipp has opted for Torx bolts for a few reasons. They won't easily strip, when a Torx bit is used in a torque wrench, they readings are more accurate, and both these things mean that the bolt heads are more durable. Over-torque an Allen-head bolt, and you could start to strip the interior walls of that bolt. Use a Torx instead and you won't face the same risk if you over-torque. And then, if you choose to use a torque wrench, the wrench's readings will be more accurate with the Torx bolt in there. The particular size, T25 was chosen because it is seeing increasing use with disc brakes, chain ring bolts, derailleurs, and shifters. It' also on more and more multi-tools and is easy to find in hardware stores. But, just to be safe, Zipp includes a tool with this stem.
The Zipp Service Course SL Stem is what teams choose for their riders.

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