Sidi Laser Carbon Road Bike Shoes Black 3 Bolt

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New Sidi Laser Carbon Road Bike Shoes Black 3 Bolt. Retail for 299$US (399$ CAN).  

This shoe's heart and soul is indeed...the sole -- the remarkable Eleven Carbon Composite. Sidi's shoe wizards have blended together nylon and carbon fiber with the end result greater than the sum of its parts. The nylon doesn't absorb water and doesn't lose rigidity in hot or humid weather as it ages and thusly the result is an exquisitely stiff and featherweight platform. Hammerheads rejoice as quite simply all your power goes straight to the pedals.

A stiff sole, however, is nothing without a well-crafted upper and retention system but there's no worries here as Sidi delivers a tour de force ensemble. The Performa Tech Pro microfiber upper breathes and dries in a snap while a judicious application of mesh ensures your feet are comfy no matter how high the mercury climbs. The combination of a ratcheting Caliper Buckle -- so easy to adjust on the fly -- plus a pair of Velcro straps allow you to quickly and perfectly dial in your fit. As a further measure Sidi utilizes the Soft Instep 2 closure system in conjunction with the ratcheting mechanism. It's a wide, anatomically curved strap combined with a soft, thermo formed EVA pad that distributes pressure evenly over the instep. Even the Velcro gets a high-tech treatment as it features integrated locking polymer teeth that engage onto each other when the strap is closed creating a nigh unmovable set-up. The shoe also features a reinforced heel cup that keeps the foot in an optimal position, all the while making sure the shoe itself doesn't deform from prolonged pressure and extreme performance.

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