Lazer Helium MIPS Men's Helmet Size Small (52-56cm)

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New Lazer Helium MIPS Men's Helmet Size Small (52-56cm) available in flash yellow. MSRP: 239$US (300$ CAN).

The Helium with MIPS provides the benefits and safety of the Helium helmet and adds the MIPS advantages. 

Some bicycle crashes occur at an angle and these kinds of impacts create rotational violence to the brain, which in turn can cause the most severe brain damage. The MIPS, or Multi-Directional Impact Protection System imitates the natural protective properties of the human brain and gives proven reduction of rotational forces. 


  • Fit System: Rollsys® retention system 
  • Construction: In-Mold (7 pieces) 
  • Ventilation: 19 Vents 
  • Weight: 260g (M) 
  • Certification: CE - CPSC - AS


  • Rollsys®: The main goal of wearing a helmet is to avoid getting injured. The fitting of a helmet is therefore very important and is essential for safety and comfort. As Lazer is always looking for innovation, we developed the most advanced fitting system to optimize comfort and fit. The Lazer Rollsys® system is born…
  • Adjustable Head Basket: The adjustable head basket allows the back part of the rollsys® system (that grips the back of the head) to move up and down depending on the riders preference. This way the Rollsys® system can be adjusted even more too individual rider needs and can create even more comfort.
  • Aquapad: Water based padding for increased cooling and comfort. The Aquapad is made from a “soft solid” material, that joins together the 3D deformation of a fluid and the memory’ shape of a solid.
  • Feather light: Featherlight helmets are the lighest helmets of the Lazer range. They are so light and comfortable you will forget you are wearing them after a while.
  • Double Density EPS: Double density EPS is used on high end products where we decrease the total weight of the helmet by using less dense EPS in areas that are less critical in impact scenarios.
  • Vent Tunnel Tested: Lazer helmets are tested in a specifically designed 'vent tunnel'. This test measures the amount of air that is flowing over the head and in which specific areas. That way we can effectively measure the ventilation a helmet offers. Based on this testing we adjust the vent position and size of the vents to make sure we create products with good ventilation to make sure you can perform at top level.
  • Coloured Straps: The color of the straps has been aligned to the helmet color.
  • Fluo Colour: Riding in the dusk? Stayed out on a bike ride a little too late? Forgot to bring your lights with you? Whatever the situation, it is important to be seen by other road users. So you better make sure there is a way you can be spotted. Enter high visibility colors..
  • RBS: The Rigidity Brace system is a reinforcement for a superior helmet resistance against multi impacts. This system is comparable with a roll cage in a racecar. In case of a crash this will keep the cracked EPS pieces together so the helmet still offers some form of protection. This system does not guarantee the effectiveness of a helmet after a crash, every helmet needs to be inspected carefully after a crash and in case of dents or cracks it should be replaced.
  • MIPS: Incorporating an additional safety aspect in the Lazer helmets. MIPS, which stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection System, outfits a standard helmet with a low friction layer to reduce the transfer of energy to the brain in case of a crash- mimicking the brain’s own protection system.

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