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Zipp 202 Carbon Tubular Road Bike - Rear Wheel

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Zipp 202 Carbon Tubular Road Bike - Rear Wheel.  This is a special order, we should be able to ship your purchase within a week. Please consider this before placing an order. 

Developed in the Wind Tunnel to roll on the flats as efficiently as 45mm to 60mm rims, the Zipp 202 Tubular Rear Wheel practically floats up the world's toughest climbs. 32mm carbon toroidal rim profile increases aerodynamics and offers predicable performance in the crosswinds. The rim's high lateral stiffness delivers precise handling on tricky descents and its crisp accelerations during sprints and climbs leave the competition in the dust. Carbon Bridge and Visco-Elastic Constrained Layer Control technologies ensure a smooth, comfortable and rock-solid ride. Oversized Zipp 188/V9 hub increases torsional rigidity by 28% for more direct power transfer, uses larger precision Swiss steel bearings for increased durability, and features adjustable preload to increase bearing life and ride quality. "Virtual 3-cross" spoke lacing boosts stiffness and strength using a 2-cross pattern with new spoke geometry. A proven stage winner in recent Grand Tours, the Zipp 202 Tubular is the choice of competitive cyclists who want low weight, aerodynamics and goat-like climbing ability.


  • Toroidal rim profile rolls on the flats as efficiently as many 45-60mm rims
  • Unidirectional carbon rim is light, stiff, strong and damps vibrations
  • Carbon Bridge uses a Kevlar thread in a co-axial helix stitch to bind sheets of carbon to each other in tubular rims for improved stiffness and impact resistance
  • Visco-Elastic Constrained Layer Control material is sandwiched between layers of the carbon laminate in the rim to reduce shock and road vibration by 10%
  • Aerodynamic Boundary Layer Control is a dimpled pattern that improves airflow across the rim's surface
  • Zipp 188/V9 hub has a 28% higher load capacity and improved durability, thanks to larger Swiss steel bearings, which distribute loads more evenly across the axle and are the roundest in the industry
  • Zipp 188/V9 hub is equipped with adjustable preload for more precise control of bearings preload, plus the adjuster can be rotated for an aero benefit, allowing the use of an oversized 17mm axle that's 490% stiffer than a 10mm axle with no additional drag
  • Zipp 188/V9 hub internals are made using a high-voltage wire EDM technology, which allows machining of 50% harder materials at tolerances 20x greater than those allowed by traditional machining and heat-treating
  • 24 straight-pull spokes with "virtual 3-cross" lacing on both sides and a new spoke geometry achieve 3-cross stiffness in a 2-cross pattern
  • Spoke Hole Impact Forming Technology strengthens the spoke-hub interface by forging each spoke hole in a proprietary alloy that's nearly twice the strength of 6061
  • Max Recommended Rider Weight: 225lbs


        Hub: Zipp 188/V9

        Lacing Pattern: 2-Cross (Virtual 3-Cross)

        Rim Height: 32mm

        Rim Width: 22.61mm

        Skewers Included: Yes

        Spacing: 130mm

        Spoke Count: 24

        Spokes: Sapim CX-Ray

        Tire Size: 700c

        Tire Type: Tubular

        Weight: 670g


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