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Save an extra 20% on all our apparels | Promo Code: 20MORE

Campagnolo Bora One 50 Tubular Road Disc Wheel Set

$2,550 USD

Campagnolo Bora One 50 Tubular Road Disc Wheel Set. MSRP: 2550$US (3430$ CAN). This is a special order, we should be able to ship your purchase within a week. Please consider this before placing an order.  

The Campagnolo Bora One 50 Tubular Road Disc wheelset is designed to make riders feel like champions. Featuring excellent aerodynamics, extreme speed and incredible handling, the Bora One 50 provides consistent, exceptional performance.

The Campagnolo Bora One 50 Disc Wheelset has been designed with a wider rim profile, moving from 20.5 to 24.2 mm. This allowed the Campagnolo engineers to improve the aerodynamics to the highest level and house wider tyres, both improve traction, speed, agility and rolling performance. The wider structure also represents an increase in structural strength and allows the engineers to remove the extra material used for structural integrity, making the Bora family the lightest it's ever been.

The Campagnolo Bora One 50 Tubular Wheelset has had a tummy tuck with the weight further reduced thanks to a smaller profile front hub. The weight and size of hub have been reduced while maintaining the all the fantastic performance characteristics of the previous version.

High Performing

Campagnolo has completely redeveloped the disc brake system for this wheelset. The Bora One Disc is the most sophisticated and highest performing Disc Brake specific road wheel design on the market. It is extremely light while still being stiff, resistant to shock and perfectly balanced; it is truly a marvel of the world of cycling technology.

Campagnolo engineering staff have developed a new construction that provides a braking performance superior to other carbon rims. The AC3 (All Condition Carbon Control) technology not only improves braking in the dry but boosts performance by 43% over past Campagnolo models and nearly 55% over that of its closest rivals when the roads get wet. Apart from the obvious disc brake technology, the construction of the new Bora wheels also underwent internal improvement to ensure maximum integrity when faced with the increased force deriving from the powerful braking performance.


  • Weight: 1348gF
  • ull Carbon 50mm Rim Profile for Tubular Tyres
  • Material: Carbon (rim), Aluminium (hub, nipples), Stainless Steel (spokes)
  • Rim Profile: 24.2 mm (external width), 50mm (height)
  • Rim Dynamic Balance
  • AC3 TreatmentAerodynamic Anti-Rotation Spokes
  • Aluminium Hub for lateral stiffness 

Wheel Specification:

Rim Material: Carbon
Rim Profile: 50 mm
Rim Width: 24.2mm
Tyre Type: Tubular


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