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Save an extra 20% on all our apparels | Promo Code: 20MORE

Campagnolo Scirocco DB Shimano 11 Speed Tubeless Road Wheel Set, TA

$741 USD

Campagnolo Scirocco DB Shimano 11 Speed Tubeless Road Wheel Set, TA. This is a special order, we should be able to ship your purchase within two business days. 

The Campagnolo Scirocco wheelset takes its name from the fierce and hot wind originating from the Sahara desert as it imitates the speed with which this wind arrives to Italy and France. Highly respected wheels capable of offering high-end performance at a more accessible price point, the Scirocco is a great choice for those wishing to experience the quality construction and long lasting performance of Campagnolo wheels. The disc version of the Scirocco builds upon the strengths that made the previous versions such a well-respected and trouble free wheel, making for an even better all-around wheel.
The Scirocco name seems all the more fitting when considering its 33 mm profile. The profile height offers a versatile aerodynamic benefit that excels in all conditions. Such a versatile profile reduces drag moving forward while not creating instability in cross wind situations. This aero advantages were previously reserved only for those willing to purchase carbon fiber wheels.
The 2-Way Fit™ rims with 19C profile match are better suited for increasingly wider tire dimensions, in the case of the Scirocco for tires with 28 mm width and more. A wider rim also makes tire installation easier. Improved structural integrity comes from the Scirocco’s welded rim whereas a great deal of the competitors are pin joined at the junction. The lifetime of this product is increased even further by incorporating spoke support tabs capable of distributing tension in a more efficient manner inside the rim.
Hubs and axles made of aluminium keep weight to a minimum and increase lateral stiffness while the oversize flanges increase torsional stiffness and in turn improve reactivity. The same free hub body construction found on the top-end wheels is available in both Campagnolo ED and Shimano HG11 version. The Scirocco wheels with AFS brake disc mount feature the exclusive Mega G3™ spoke pattern. The rear wheel incorporates this system with 14 spokes on the drive side and 7 on the opposite to ensure the perfect balance of tension that renders an asymmetric unit more symmetric in function and performance. The same principle applies to the front wheel, but the 14 spokes are located here on brake disc side.
The Scirocco wheelset takes a great deal of technology and puts it all in one race-ready package at a price accessible to any cyclist. At a highly respectable 1654 grams this wheelset is a valuable upgrade for beginners but also experienced athletes.


  • The Scirocco Disc Brake wheel is entirely hand-assembled by a specialised Campagnolo technician and is checked in every tiny detail with electronic instrumentation. This ensures maximum performance and reliability for all Campagnolo wheels.
  • The new 33 mm aluminium profile ensures the best aerodynamic penetration among aluminium rims, whilst limiting the weight.
  • Easy to assemble 23 mm tyre thanks to the C19 class.
  • Compatible with clincher and Tubeless Ready tyres.
  • The spokes remain in position thanks to the spoke anti-rotation system technology.
  • The MEGA G3 technology on both the front and rear increases the torsional stiffness.
  • Installing tags on the inside of the rim favours distribution of the forces over the nipple and rim.
  • There is no milling so air penetration turbulence is not generated.


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